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[Battery Part] What type of batteries supply do you have?

We have various types of batteries available for both inboards/outboards motors. A combination of battery modules with sufficient voltage/current to operate an electric motor is called a battery pack.

[Battery Part] What is a weight of the battery pack?

We have various types of battery which starts from approximately 20kg to 180kg ranges.

[Battery Part] How many batteries do I need for my electric outboard?

It depends on the type of kW the model needed:
14.5kW: (12S24P x 4 modules) / 33.8kW: (24S28P x 4 modules)
Check on kW specification and set the battery modules in possible various way as required.
40hp(25kw) set with 14.5kW battery, 90hp(65kw) set with 33.8kW battery and etc.

[Battery Part] How do I know how far I can cover with the battery charge?

On Display unit(ADU), it shows the current battery status in percentage. You can refer to the information with operation. It is all differ depends on Ampere hour(Ah), amp load, cruising speed that you set.

[Battery Part] How long does it take to charge the batteries?

It mostly effected by capacity of the batteries, charging rate and depth of discharge. With 220V electric supply, it takes about 3-5hours to full charging. With 380V electric supply, it takes about 1-2hours to full charging. It would depend on the amount of battery sets.

[Battery Part] How long can I use the battery? When do I change them?

It totally depends on how often you use the battery. But in general, battery’s life-cycle defined as 3,000 times with 80% of DOD(Depth Of Discharge) standard. Even with 3,000 times charging/discharging, it still can be used.

[Battery Part] Can I use other brand batteries to replace old used ones?

Technically it is possible. But it must be set with appropriate voltage setting with initially set packages. We recommend to replace with our set batteries for new one if needed.

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