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[Products Part] What are the advantages of “Electric” Propulsion system?

No exhaust fumes produced, Eco-Friendly system which will able you operate with silence and the great efficiency of vessels.

[Products Part] what procedures do I need to take once I decide to purchase?

Find a dealer with close location or email us at contact@electrine.co.kr so that we can transfer to closest dealer for further correspondence.

[Products Part] What is warranty period of the products?

The product undergoes strict quality management and inspection process before production and introduction to market. When this product goes out under the normal use, we will repair it free of charge under warranty. Please state S/N of the product when you ask for repair service. Customer needs to pay repair charge after warranty runs out. For the product, warranty is 24months from invoice date. Product shall be required or replaced any faulty parts during guarantee period free of charged under the correct usage and against manufacturing faults. Please refer to our “Warranty & Repair” for further detailed information.

[Products Part] How can I get a repairing service when I find any technical defect?

In a case of finding a technical defect, please contact us at contact@electrine.co.kr or look  for the dealer who locates the close distance.

[Products Part] How do I refer to distributors information? How do I become a distributor or dealer?

Please refer to our distributor information. Submit the form in Website to discuss of terms of getting business distributorship or contact the closest distributor for dealership.

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